Break Out of The Grid with Suzanna Lee

Hiya, scrappy peeps and Elle’s Studio fans! It’s Suzanna here today to share a multi-photo layout created using the newly released March 2022 kit and add-ons. I love to incorporate the pocket cards into traditional 12 x 12 inch layouts and try to find ways that “break out of the box”, or soften that grid-like feel. This blog post will share with you how I’ve accomplished that.

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You can break out of a grid while preserving a clean structure, and potentially even keep symmetry and one of the best ways I found to do that is to use layers or overlapping elements, such as I have done with the White Acrylic Stars and March 2022 Labels. By having these elements overlap, or span across several of the boxes, (or photos in this case) you are able to not only hide distracting elements on the photo, but make the grid less rigid.

Another way to break the grid is to use an unusual placement of elements. With the cascade of circles down the left-hand side of the page, there is a seemingly random arrangement of the page. While stars are repeated throughout the layout, they are different sizes, heights, and materials, thus adding to the random, yet unifying structure. The White Acrylic Stars really add dimension to the page and break up the box by adding a different pattern to the 90-degree angles of the borders between the boxes.

Adding the softness of circles is yet another way to break the grid. Inherently, the circles are less rigid with their curved lines. Stamping directly down the page with the Good Times Seals Stamp complements the bowls in one of the photos and softens the rigidity of the grid. Interspersing the March Labels with those same circles does, however, keep some of the structure of the grid.

If you are of the process video inspired variety, be sure to head over to my personal YouTube channel where I will share the video of how this layout came together!

Thanks for stopping in today!

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