Listing Good Times with Meg Gundlach

Hi friends, Meg here! I’m back this month with another Disney-tastic spread because that project is a bottomless well of fun ideas. We may still only be in February, but the bright fun colors and all the arrow options in this release made me reach straight for the travel pages.  

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Choosing photos for a travel album can be overwhelming, but it is important to remember that there are absolutely no rules. Like most things in scrapbooking, I mix and match my approach to this. Sometimes I’ll have a full spread devoted to a single ride. Sometimes I combine multiple photo themes into one spread. For EPCOT’s World Showcase I dedicated several pages to individual countries and I have a couple ‘round-up’ pages to hold the miscellaneous pics.  

There were several countries of the World Showcase that I chose to print only one or two photos from. It would be totally fine to not individually identify them. However, I love sharing all sorts of little details in my travel albums even when they don’t need an entire journal tag. There is no better way to keep this simple than to number your photos and make a list. I’m totally obsessed with basically all parts of the new Good Times Tab Stamp, but those numbers are going to be a reoccurring theme for sure.  

Elle creates all sorts of products that work with this concept and I threw all of them at this page. The arrow list tag from the February 2021 Kit was the perfect starting point. Not only could I pair the outline and filled numbers from the Good Times Stamp, but I also color-coordinated the arrows on the tag with the matching February Labels. If you look closely you will see that Italy is marked as #1 on both the list and the photo AND I used the green arrow label to match the green arrow on the tag. So on and so forth across the rest of the Pavilions.    

Another huge part of a Disney album are character meets, but sometimes you just spot someone their natural habitat. We didn’t have time to stop and chat with Alice while we blasted through the UK— we were late for a very important date—but I did get this photo. This spread was the perfect home for a completely random pic and she fits right in.  

It’s really easy for round-up pages to get busy with all the different photos and products. A favorite technique is to include elements cut from vellum for subtle embellishments. I loved this rainbow tag from the February 2021 Cut Files, but I wanted to keep the focus on the shape of it and not on a paper design, so vellum was the perfect happy medium. The tag is only stapled on at the top, but the pocket keeps it more or less in place. 

And there you have it, another go-to approach for when you feel overwhelmed by the number of photos you have to choose from! In case you need to hear it today, I’m here to remind you that recording your travel memories is supposed to be fun! I know I said there were absolutely no rules, but that is the only rule. So tell me, are you a ‘print them all’ or a ‘just the highlights, thanks’ kind of travel scrapper? 

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