Dramatic Titles with the Large Jane Alphabet and Steph Grimes

Hi everyone! It’s Steph here with a project that I can’t wait to share with you! This is one of my most favorite things I have made all year, using my favorite products of the year—the Large Jane alphabet stamps and Large Jane Alphabet Metal Die! I can’t get enough of these stamps and the possibilities of what you can create by combining and layering the stamps are seemingly endless. I gave my Large Jane alphabet stamps and the coordinating dies a good workout making this project, and you may see some sneaks of upcoming products coming in our May release!

Supplies | Large Jane Alphabet Stamp – Solid, Large Jane Alphabet Stamp – Polka Dot, Large Jane Alphabet Stamp – Stripes, Large Jane Alphabet Metal Die, Typewriter Keys Puffy Alphabet Stickers, Jane Alphabet Stickers – White

These two pages will be the opening title pages for my album detailing our cross-country road trip to the Pacific Northwest last year. I knew I wanted a big dramatic title and that the Large Jane alphabet stamps would be perfect for this! I started by printing off two scenic photos from our trip in 6″ x 8″. Then, I stamped out the words “Great Wide Open” for my title using the Large Jane Polka Dot Alphabet Stamp in aqua, dark green, and navy blue ink on white cardstock. I decided to leave the words “Into The” plain white, so I just die-cut those out of cardstock. I used the Large Jane Alphabet Metal Die to cut out each of the stamped letters for my title.

For the second page, I stamped out each of the states we visited on this trip (not counting the ones we mostly just drove through) using the Large Jane Solid Alphabet Stamp in the same colors (aqua, dark green, navy blue) using the ‘stamp-off’ method, where I stamped it first on a sheet of scrap paper before stamping on my final cardstock to make the color a bit lighter. Then, I used the Large Jane Stripe Alphabet Stamp, to stamp on top of the solid color in full color to give a tone-on-tone look to each letter. I adhered them directly on top of my photo and then embellished!

After adhering each letter down in my title for the first page, I needed to add the dates of our trip. To do this, I cut a small strip of woodgrain paper and trimmed an aqua tag as a border around the woodgrain piece. Then, I added the dates of our trip using the white Jane Alphabet Stickers for the months and the Typewriter Keys Puffy Alphabet Stickers for the dates.

I love the way these pages turned out! I was definitely looking for a dramatic title and the Large Jane alphabet stamps and Large Jane Alphabet Metal Die are the perfect products for such a thing. It did take a bit of time do to all the stamping and die-cutting, but it was totally worth it to achieve the final look!

Are you as big a fan of the Large Jane alphabet as I am? What have you made with them? Go ahead and try to make your own dramatic title using the stamps and dies and share them on Instagram using the hashtag #EllesStudio. Happy stamping (and scrapping)!

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