Documenting a Celebration with Nathalie Leonelli

When was the last time you documented a birthday or celebration of some kind? Don’t leave those photos sitting on your hard drive! Document them with our new celebratory themed Celebrate Stamp and Journaling Tags. Today we have Nathalie Leonelli with us to share how she had fun with the tags and loved stamping all over her spread—with gorgeous results! Let’s take a look:
I broke a personal record with the new project I am sharing with you today. I believe it is the first time I stamped (sometimes with multiple stamps) on every single tag in a pocket page and that tells you how much I love the new Celebrate Stamp and Journaling Tags!

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This is a weekly spread in my regular 6″ x 12″ album, but since I wanted to focus on my son’s birthday, I used tags exclusively from the Celebrate Journaling Tags, along with the Celebrate Stamp. They made the whole spread very festive! I am particularly fond of the different banner options in the stamp set.

My other favorites in this set are the small words that are scaled perfectly to add to tags. Above, I used the “hooray!” stamp sideways in the label stamp (which I colored with a pencil). Below, I changed the journaling tag which originally said “Celebrate the small moments” by hiding the second half of the sentence and adding “let’s” instead. I also like the look of the small “make a wish” stamp under the cake on the right. Adapting and embellishing couldn’t be easier!

Actually, you might not have noticed but I used very little in terms of embellishments on this spread, yet it still has depth brought by the contrast of the black stamping against the colors of the tags and my coloring.

The last little detail I’d like to share is how I used the label stamp a second time directly on the edge of a photo and found out that the new Jane Alphabet Stickers fit perfectly inside, bringing another touch of color in that corner of the spread.

In the end, I am very happy with the overall result and love the fact that the tags make even my dark photos (and bit of brown ephemera) pop. Note that the colors in the set of Celebrate Journaling Tags work great for any gender or age, definitely a big plus for me!
Don’t let those birthday photos wait any longer!

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