A Hello Good Times Printable-Inspired Mini Album with Andrea Gray

We love it when a product does most of the design work for us by sparking an idea for documenting our everyday life! The Hello Good Times Printables did just that for design team member Andrea Gray, and she was inspired to create an amazing mini album after seeing the daily arrow labels included in this awesome, use it again and again product! Let’s take a look at her mini album:
Hello friends! I am super excited to share this little mini-book I made using the Hello Good Times printables in the shop! My intention was to use the daily labels and the 3″ x 4″ tags to create a look into just one simple week—here’s how I put it all together:

To design the cover, I stacked the individual labels included in the Hello Good Times Printables onto a Photoshop canvas and printed them onto cardstock before trimming it to size. (Alternatively, you could print 2 sheets of the printables and glue them to a piece of paper that is already cut to size.) Then I added a matching puffy heart next to each one.

I prepped the guts by trimming a few plastic 6″ x 8″ pockets so they were 3″ x 8″ (this just means trimming off the right side of pockets so you’re left with 2 pockets only). Then selected one photo from each day and printed them to be the same size as the pocket pages from edge to edge since these photos were not going into pockets.

The back side of the cover has a printable tag and the date range and then the opposite page is a pocket. The book alternates this pattern for each day. So when you flip to Monday, the pockets are on the left and the large photo is on the right.

For each day, I added the daily label from the Hello Good Times Printables and very few embellishments. Honestly, the book could easily be made with only the labels and tags, but we all love the Elle’s Studio embellishments and I couldn’t help it!

Sometimes the label fit best on the photo and other times it was better on one of the tags. I also reached into my stash of journaling tags from the May 2018 Kit and found a few that worked well for the photo that day.

I loved capturing just the tidbits of the week in this fun ring-bound book. The easy to print tags and labels made it so easy to put this together in just a couple of hours.
Thanks for hanging with me today! See you soon!
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