Documenting a Whoops Moment with Neela Nalam

Not all stories deserving of documentation are happy ones, and today Neela Nalam is sharing her latest “whoops” moment in a pocket page using the September 2017 Kit. Let’s take a look.
Sometimes we have to document the not so great things. My kids spend more time than I like on their iPads and iPhones playing video games. When we visited my brother, they ended up playing in front of their baby cousin and she, of course, was so drawn to these devices.
I documented this lesson learned on a 6″ x 8″ pocket page that I made with the September 2017 Kit and add-ons. I wanted to have a yellow and blue color scheme for this pocket page spread, so I chose all the blue tags, as well as the tags from the kit with yellow accents which helped me tell my story perfectly.

Supplies | September 2017 Kit, What Happened Stamp, Family Fun AcrylicWhite Puffy Alphabet StickersGrey Puffy Alphabet Stickers
I used the flowchart tag to write down how she ended up between them when they were playing. I used the White Puffy Alphabet Stickers for my title.

I used the “this was a great idea” tag and added the word ‘NOT’ with the Grey Puffy Alphabet Stickers. I collected some yellow accents from past kits and added them to the tags to keep with the yellow and blue scheme.

I added a grey acrylic arrow shape from the Family Fun Acrylic, and also backed the photos with Family Fun 6″ x 6″ Paper Stack patterned papers, cut down to a 6″ x 4″ size. It was fun spread to make with all the products assisting to get my story told.