Tags as Story Starters with Jill Sprott

Sometimes stories are in us, and it just takes a “spark” for us to realize that we need to tell them. This month, a particular tag inspired Jill Sprott to set a goal for herself, and create a page to document that goal. Let’s see what she made.

Potential story starters can be found in every Elle’s Studio kit. Even a single image can trigger an idea for journaling, as I found when I perused the little gems in this month’s kit and came across a tag featuring an image of the sun. Not only did this tag summon my longing for summer, it also inspired me to set a goal for the sunny months ahead.

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Most of the time, my layouts look back, but this one ultimately looks ahead, not just in the journaling, but in the design itself, which features motivational messages and onward-pointing arrows.

I added a no-excuses motivational message of my own by “editing” one of the phrases from the Today Stamp.

A sunny day and a good pair of shoes may be just what I need to help me achieve my goal of a stronger, healthier self this summer, but I know that discipline plays a huge role as well. Reminders of the ups and downs and long and winding roads ahead find themselves on the page in the form of playful stitching and a coiled garland.

I’d like to think that the first step forward is this page, with its sunny and summery vibe, and words that remind me that I am moving hopefully toward an important goal.

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