Journaling: In your own words | Journaling Tips!

We’ve got some journaling tips to share with you today! These tips are ones we’ve used over and over again, so hopefully they will help you as much as they’ve helped us!

When you’re stuck: Sometimes, the hardest thing to get past is when you’re stuck on the writing part of your layout – Next time you get stuck, use one of these suggestions to help get your creative juices flowing again:

-Use a quote, song lyrics or Bible verse
-Ask someone else what their favorite part or memory is from the event you’re scrapbooking
-Make a list
-Write it as a letter, addressed to someone
-Tell it from a different person’s point of view
-You don’t have to write full sentences! Just write down the words that come to your mind

Weren’t there when the photo was taken? This can be hard because you weren’t there to record all the details. For these situations, if you are keeping the layouts, ask the person who gave you the photos what went on, what were the important and memorable moments, who said what, etc. If you are giving the layouts back to the person who took the photos, leave a space for them to journal and when you give it to them, let them know it’s their job to finish the layout!

Where are my journaling tags? If you’re journaling tags aren’t handy when you need them, they are easily overlooked and forgotten about! Keeping your journaling tags organized and handy will make them easier to access! We LOVE Clip-It’s for keeping things in full view.

Don’t stress about it: Sometimes it will be too hard to find the words to express how you feel. It’s okay to have a couple layouts with no journaling. Don’t be too hard on yourself for letting a couple layouts slide 🙂 When you stress out about things, it makes it harder to go back and do them the next time. So, every now and then, give yourself a break!

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