Summer 2009 • Documented – Page 1+ Giveaway!

Day two, here we come! We are having lots of fun gathering things and taking pictures. We’ve been getting some emails on what papers would work best with the Summer Pack tags and our new digital download kit and the good news is, almost any kind will work! Below is a small sample of what we pulled from our stack to work with.
All these papers seem to go great! And, really almost anything would work. We work hard to design our tags to be very versatile so you can mix and match them to almost anything out there! If you have any questions about our little workshop, please don’t hesitate to email us!

Okay, back to our mini book! We are working on page 1 today. I wanted the first page to document the beginning of summer since it is the beginning of our book! My sister’s birthday is on May 31st and always starts off our summer just right!
Gather your supplies. From her party we had pizza and cupcakes, the best combo, ever!! I saved the leftover candles and asked my mom if she had any left over, unused cupcake wrappers from when she baked the cupcakes. I love saving and collecting bits and pieces from get-togethers and places we visit. I save them in a little box and if I can incorporate them in a page, I do! If not, they will eventually get thrown out.
I first layout my photos and get a basic idea of what the layout will look like. For this layout, since I have such large embellishments and little space on my page, I decided the journaling would be in a hidden behind the top photo.
Since the journaling will be hidden, I wanted to make a little pull tab on the main journaling tag!
I added a Chic Note tag to The County Fair journaling tag and it worked out perfectly!
Now, I quickly found out that cupcake liners don’t lay very flat. Once I got figured how I wanted them to lay I stapled them together and then glued them to the page.

Next, I wanted to make a little pennet out of the pennets from our digital download. If you are going to write something on them, write on them first and then cut them out.
Glue the pennet to a toothpick or foodpick and you have the perfect little pennet!
Now, for those candles I saved… Taping candles together works a lot better than gluing 🙂
The little bow around them adds the perfect touch… almost…
Tuck the pennet in and it’s just perfect!
My plan was to add the candles on top of the cupcake wrappers, but they didn’t show up as good as I thought they would…
So I took them back off and added some lace!

I love it 🙂 The perfect way to represent our beginning of summer!

By the way, save your scraps! Yes, I’ll admit it… I save everything 🙂 But, we have a fun idea for later and we can put our scraps to use!
Giveaway time 🙂
We are giving away a pack of our Summer Vintage Flashcards and The County Fair journaling tags to TWO people! Just leave a comment below, telling us what your favorite part of summer is, and we’ll draw two names on our next Summer 2009 – Documented day, Saturday, July 18th!

Thanks for stopping by and happy creating!!
xo, Elle

P.S. We updated our Summer 2009 page at our website and we added some blinkies! Please feel free to add them to your blog or website. Thank you so much to everyone for your support! We really appreciate it!