Currently in love with…

This amazing package of vintage seam tape arrived this week and I love every single color!
So cute! I can just imagine drinking my coffee out of this and the smiles it would bring!

{photo via traci*s retro’s}

Lately, I can’t stop looking up vintage candy via flickr! The packaging is just too cute!

{photo via traci*s retro’s }

And, I fell in love with Nerds, again! So yummy!!

{photo via SiobhansShadow’s}

This top is so cute and affordable!
And, this dress is to die for!
That’s it for now 🙂 We are feeling so, SO inspired lately… it’s amazing!

We’d love to see and hear about what you’re currently in love with! Feel free to leave us a comment and link!!

Happy weekend, everyone!
xo, Elle