12:00 Q & A

Thanks everyone who emailed me questions! I also just caught a couple of posted ones so I added those in too!! I tried to group the questions together so I didn’t answer the same ones twice 🙂

What is in your ipod right now?
LOTS! My newest additions are Katie Herzig and Nicole Atkins

What is your day job?
I am a Graphic Designer

How long have you been into art and creating?
Ever since I was two! I’d play with playdoe and paint for hours. My mom was always awesome and allowed me to do all that messy stuff – she’s the greatest and always encouraging. I think that is why crafts and art play such a large role in my life still today.

How did you set up your Etsy shop?
Well… at first I was just a shopper on etsy, but then decided to take the plunge! I started out small – with a couple of items and added items gradually.

Do you work on your tags every day or do you set aside one whole day to fill orders, print, cut, etc? How hard is it to keep up with your Etsy shop?
When I get off work at my day job, I usually come home and work on tags (design/print/cut) or new ideas. I do have Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights reserved for filling orders and that has helped out tremendously! Once I got on a schedule and figured things out it hasn’t been to hard to keep up. I do love staying up late, and those late hours have come in handy 🙂

What is YOUR favorite product?
That’s a hard one! In general it would be paper – I have WAY to much scrapbooking paper and usually have to buy two sheets of every paper for “just in case!” From my shop it would have to be the candyshop/lollipop tags, doodled heart tags, woodgrain tags, the chic journaling tags : )OH! And, I do have a couple of new favorites that are coming out soon!

Where do your ideas come from?
Well.. a lot come from everyday life, sometimes even if it’s something I want but cannot find to buy. I’m also a HUGE flickr fan and tend to “steal” other peoples flickr favorites!! HAHA! I love looking at others favorite photos and most of the time they become my favorites too!

Tell us something about you we don’t know!
Ummm… I have no idea!

What is your favorite tv show?
I have two! LOST and Ace of cakes are the best shows ever!!! I try not to watch too much TV because I usually don’t get anything done LOL! But, when those shows are on, I’m there!!

Favorite food?
Hmm… I’m really loving the new strawberry shredded wheaties!

Coffee or tea?
COFFEE!!! About 4 to 5 cups a day : ) Java junkie!!

Alright everyone – thanks for the awesome questions! So much fun!! I’ll be back at 2:00 pm with my fav places to shop and FOUR different giveaways from the shops!!