Document December Prep with Kat Benjamin

Hi, friends! It’s Kat here to share some ways that I am prepping for documenting my December using the Document December 2022 Kit and add-ons!

I make it a goal to work on my album almost every night in December so I can stay fairly caught up. I especially love to add interactive and detailed elements to my album, including a lot of elements that have machine stitching. However, unless I prep these pieces ahead of time, I will not include them in my album because I just don’t have the time to make them in the 15 minutes I steal every night to work on my album.

The first things I prepped were stitched pockets made out of of the patterned papers from the Twinkle Paper Stack. I made pockets of varying sizes with holes on the left and right so I will be able to quickly grab one that fits my needs for a given day.

The next things I stitched were a few larger items. I definitely don’t know what I’m doing every day of December and I try not to plan it out too much, but there are certain days when I do know what our plans are. December 10th is one of those days, so I already have an idea of what that day will look like, so I stitched a tag for that day. I also know that I will have a page about gift wrapping and I always have a need for my daughter’s initials!

Finally, I created a few layered embellishments using metal dies and some of the stickers and die cuts from the Document December release.

I’m happy I did this prep work because my pages will now contain a few detailed elements that I am fairly certain I will not have time to create once we get into December.

What are you doing to prepare?

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