August Kit Tag-Inspired with Patricia Roebuck

Hello, Elle’s Studio friends. Today I would like to walk you through how I used a tag from the August 2021 kit and extras to inspire a light and piecey spread in my Heidi Swapp Storyline Chapters insert!

Supplies | August 2021 Kit, 4 x 6 inch Notebook Journaling Tags, Light Teal Cardstock Basic Shape Stickers, Chipboard Circle Stickers, Positive Vibes Wood Veneers, Lined Labels Stamp, Lizzy Alphabet Stamp, Good Times Paper Stack

My design started on the left with a 4 x 6 inch photo and the August 2021 Kit pie chart tag, which started the circle design throughout this project. 

To begin getting a piecey look, instead of layering the Good Times Paper Stack patterned paper under my photo, I punched circles. This makes my project less bulky, while still adding lots of color and texture. I now had lots of opportunities to use the August Kit die cuts, Light Teal Cardstock Basic Shape Stickers, Chipboard Circle Stickers, and a Positive Vibes Wood Veneer piece either on top of the punched circles or to fill in areas. 

I really had fun and emphasized the circle design on the right with all of the same products from the left, but to add another texture and another place for journaling, I used the Lined Labels Stamp in blue ink to be a strong contrast to the red.

For my favorite part and finishing touch, I used the new Lizzy Alphabet Stamp to create a title going across both pages. I stamped in four different ink colors on a 4 x 6 inch August Kit tag and then trimmed them out to adhere.  This goes right along with the color and textures I already created. Not only does it add to the playfulness overall, but stamping them out this way gives me more freedom in placing them on my project.

I continued using the new Lizzy Alphabet Stamp by framing the top and bottom of my 4 x 6 inch photo, stamping the rainbow on an August die cut layered over my photo, and more rainbow stamping on the right to finish. 

I hope this inspires you to use an August Kit tag to start your design and continue that color or shape from the tag throughout your project. Have fun!

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