Moments in a Memory Planner with Jennie McGarvey

Hello! It’s Jennie McGarvey and I am so excited to introduce you to my memory planner. I’ve been using it for five years before starting this one for 2021! It’s genuinely my favorite project because it helps me document in a really easy way each week.

When I create a memory planner layout, I start with my BIG Happy Planner®, photos and supplies. For this week in January I’m using the January 2021 kit and add-ons and they are a perfect fit. Not only does the January kit look great here, but so do the rest of the products.  They are beautiful and fit the everyday storytelling wonderfully.

Supplies | January 2021 KitJanuary LabelsTrue Love StickersAcetate HeartsXOXO 6 x 8.5 Inch Paper StackHugs and Kisses StampDaily Tabs Stamp

I start each week by placing my photos on the page, as I believe them to be the most important part of the week. Then, I embellish around the photos leaving room for the plans and journaling, as well.

Each week varies by how many photos and plans there will be. Because of this, it varies how much journaling I will add as well. The beauty of this is that all of these elements, plus embellishing, work together. Some weeks I fill the space with lots of beautiful products and some weeks I have so many photos I am really limited where to add those supplies!

I truly cannot get enough of the Acetate Hearts! I didn’t realize before using them that I would love them as much as I do. However, the variety of sizes and colors makes them basically the perfect embellishment. They are also amazing in my planner as they do not add the bulk to the pages that puffy or chipboard stickers do. However, when placed together, they look wonderful.  As you can see, I layered a few together to fill one of the planner boxes!

Now, other embellishments, and stamps, too, are fantastic in my planner as well.  I will often take a 3″x4″ tag, like this one from the January Kit, and trim them to work better in my planner. I don’t often leave them full size, but find creative ways to modify them and add them to the pages that way. The same is true for patterned papers. I love the sheets included in the paper packs, like the XOXO Paper Stack. However, such large pieces don’t work for the way that I use my memory planner. Instead, adding punched rectangles (and other shapes!) work so much better and add just enough pattern and color to the pages.

One of my most favorite ways to add the day-to-day plans that I include is to use labels. I was so excited when I saw the January Labels because they are just so cute, yet will leave enough room for me to write the appointments and activities for the various members of our family.

Memory planning can be whatever YOU want it to be. It’s a really fun and easy way to document each week throughout the year, and it’s even better when there are bright and cheerful supplies that help make the process even more fun! Why not try using your Elle’s Studio supplies in your planner like I have here?  I think you’ll see what a good time you can have by documenting the ordinary in this way!

Are you using our products in your planner? Show us your weeks by posting into our Elle’s Studio Facebook Group, or on Instagram using the hashtag #EllesStudio!