Teach Me Tuesday: Enlarging ES Printables with Jess Forster

Happy August, friends! It’s Jess Forster with you today. It’s summer here in Toronto, and my son, Sam, just celebrated his fifth birthday. Yikes! Since time seems to moving way too quickly, I was inspired to tell a longer story about him:

Supplies | Priorities Printables, August LabelsChipboard Tags, Navy Dipped Puffy Alphabet Stickers, Puffy Star Stickers

Inspired by the phrase “real life + right now” which is a part of the Chipboard Tags, I enlarged the blue star 3″ x 4″ Priorities Printables journaling tags to house all of my words. Curious on how I created this hybrid layout? Read on and watch this video:

[insert video here]

In this 6″ x 8″ double page layout, I documented five of Sam’s favourite things. Loving the 3″ x 4″ blue journaling tag from the Priorities Printables, I decided to use my computer to enlarge it to 6″ x 8″. For this tutorial, I am working on a Mac Book Pro and Photoshop Elements 15. You do not need these specific items to follow along as these directions will work on most laptops with most versions of PSE. 

In Photoshop Elements, select the move tool (V/ arrow tool) on the left tool bar.  Highlight the top tool bar & complete the following:  file > open >  navigate to where the blue ES printable card was located > double click open.

From there, I selected the crop tool (c) on the left tool bar. Making sure that the “tool options” folder was highlighted on the bottom, I dragged the crop tool over the journaling card. Under the tool options, complete the following: Custom > W = 6 in > H = 8 in > Resolution: 300 pixels/inch > Double click green arrow to commit change.  

Last, I selecting the Horizontal Type Tool (T) making sure that in “tool options: folder was highlight at the bottom, I dragged the type tool over the journaling card, leaving space for me to place the “real life + right now” sticker on top as well as place the Navy Dipped Puffy Alphabet Sticker numbers 1 to 5, on the side. Under the tool options make sure the following are inputed: Remington Noiseless font > size = 11 pt > leading > 11 pt. Draw the type box and write your journaling > Double click green arrow to commit change. 

After printing out the 6″ x 8″ journaling tag and enlarged photo, I embellished with more phrases from the Chipboard Tags, black Puffy Star Stickers and added added the title, “Sam at Five.” Super simple, but effective,  this simple hybrid layout is complete!

Next time you are playing with Elle’s Studio printables, challenge yourself to use your computer to document a longer story. Write “in the moment” details to capture you life currently and small details you want to remember. Happy summer and thanks for looking!

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