Putting the June Kit in Pockets with Amy Jo Vanden Brink

One great way to use up your kit before our next reveal is to fill pockets! Our monthly products are carefully coordinated to work together, making creating cohesive pockets a breeze! Let’s take a look at how design team member Amy Jo Vanden Brink did that today!

Hello! I’m excited to be back sharing a layout that features the awesome June 2020 kit and extras! This is probably my favourite thing to do with a kit: start with a few pieces, and see how far they take you! For this spread, I originally thought I only had enough small pieces to make a single page layout (the right side) but as I started working on it, the left side came together really easily and was very cohesive with the right side.

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One of my first steps with a pocket page spread is always finding a small color scheme. Sometimes rainbow works well, but often I look for two main colors, and sometimes add in small bits of a third color to help tie things together. In this case, I had the two shades of blue, and the green. The orange card was a bit of an outlier, but I added the green letters to make it fit in.

When I realized I had enough supplies to make it a double page spread, I looked for those same colors to continue across the page. Motifs help do this too, and the star card helped a lot with both color and theme. Small stars and an orange label helped make the two halves look like they belonged together.

Hopefully, when you go to use your small scraps and the little pieces, you can take those small bits and give them a huge impact like I did here!

Thanks for checking out my project, and I hope you get a chance to use up your June goodies before July releases tomorrow!

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