Pocket Page Style: Dressing Up Your Pockets with Stamps with Jess Forster

Every month, we release stamps with our monthly kit and add-ons to help you embellish your projects, tell your story and get creative! This month, our Highlights From Today Stamp is the perfect product to help you get extra words on your projects, or even create your own custom products for a special holiday, as Jess Forster is sharing with us today! Let’s take a look!

Okay, okay. I must admit something. When it comes to stamping I am a little intimidated. Hands up if you can relate? Yes, it’s true I have tried to avoid stamping like the plague, but ever so often I get the urge to move outside my creative comfort zone and try something new. Enter in the “Highlights From” stamp from the Elle’s July release. And Ta-Da! A pocket page with unique journaling cards made made from stamps. No new techniques here, folks. This blog post will not solve world hunger or establish world peace; but it did make me happy and help me finish my layout. Have a look below!

Supplies | August 2019 Kit, Highlights From Today Stamp

In this 9″ x 12″ pocket page layout, I documented the trip to the farm from Canada Day 2016. Fun fact: there are not a lot of Canada Day themed products out there so, the Highlights From Today Stamp include a lot of simple prompts to recount the details from day which included the trip to visit baby calves. As you can see from above I stamped the label icon to add the date and time to the 3″ x 4″ photos. 

I also used the checked lines to create a border at the top and bottom of two of the 3″ x 4″ journaling cards; while I used the heart icon to create a 3″ x 4″ filler card. By simply stamping the heart in various ink colors around the white journaling card, I was able to tie in the colours from the photo. I always love incorporating hearts in my layouts, and with this stamp I will never run out of my favourite heart die cut. In order to get over my fear of “messing up,” I did a few practice stamps on a scrap pieces of paper to ensure that I got a clear inked image. I’ve also hear that using a gum eraser on a new stamp will also help to get a clearer image.

Full disclosure, there are no new techniques in the layout. In fact, for those who consider themselves “experts” at stamping in your pockets, you may say, “What’s the big deal, Jess? I do this all the time!” To that I say, “You’re awesome! Teach me all your ways!” For those who are on the fence of trying to dress up your pockets, I encourage you to give stamping a try! It can be fun way to make unique journaling cards and a new crafty technique to add to your pocket page repertoire! The Highlights From Today Stamp includes some classic icons as well as sayings which can be a great set to start your stamping collection. Happy stamping and thanks for reading!

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