Health Journey Traveler’s Notebook with Suzanna Lee

Big life changes, no matter how hard they may be, are just as important as everyday moments or celebrations, and deserve to be documented. Suzanna Lee agrees, and she’s documenting her health journey and sharing it with us today in a traveler’s notebook spread using our June 2019 kit and add-ons! Let’s see what she created!

Hiya scrappy peeps! It’s Suzanna here today. Are any of you on a health or fitness journey? I am, and I have a travelers notebook that I’m using to document all the highs and lows of that journey. Back in January when things went south, the stress of it all resulted in a weight loss that I documented elsewhere using Elle’s Studio goodies. While the needle on the scale was moving, I wanted to continue with the momentum and shed some more. Actually, what I really want, is to burn the fat and tone up.  This particular page is a “day in the life” of that facet of my life.

Supplies | June 2019 Kit, Summertime Favorite Printables, Summer Phrase Stickers, Hazel Alphabet Stickers – Light Purple, Jane Alphabet Stickers – Navy, Green Puffy Alphabet Stickers, Lime Green Puffy Alphabet Stickers, Summer Puffy Stickers, Fuchsia Puffy Alphabet Stickers, Cerulean Blue Puffy Alphabet Stickers, Noteworthy Double-sided Journaling Tags

The left hand side of this spread is created using the green striped 3″ x 4″ journaling tag from the June 2019 Kit and the Summertime Favorite Printable lavender stripe tag. I printed it as is, then opened the digital tag in Photoshop and recolored it blue so as to have the third color that I’m using as my color palette for this spread. Oh, the possibilities that printing at home opens up!

I needed a coordinating journaling tag for the opposite side in a landscape orientation, and the trusty Noteworthy Double-sided Journaling Tags had just what I needed! The light purple banner die cut from the June Kit provided the perfect “lift” tab for additional journaling underneath.

I used just a plain piece of solid white cardstock that I cut down to 3″ x 4″ to fit behind as the backer for the above card. This way, with the thinner pages of a travelers notebook, the additional journaling didn’t run the risk of bleeding through the page.

The title of this spread “Macros Revisited,” is a combination of the Jane Alphabet Stickers in navy and the Hazel Alphabet Stickers in light purple. I had calculated my macros the day before, and the numbers just didn’t seem correct. I’m not the best at math. I joke that as a physical therapist, where all counting is done in sets of ten repetitions, we don’t have to be good at math. And, per my hunch, I was correct, the numbers were off. Hence, the title.

These are the numbers that I need to hit daily in the foods that I eat. There are three food groups and three hexagon die cuts in the June Kit! AND there are two new colors of the puffy alphabet stickers—two different shades of green! I LOVE these puffy stickers; the more colors the better!

I hope you are having as much success in your health journey as I am mine. Some days are tough—I just want ALL the things in my belly. It amazes me how incredibly addictive sugar really is. It also amazes me how easy, (hah! “easy”) it is to keep the weight off and burn fat using macros.

Thanks for stopping in today!

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