Pocket Formulas with Wendy Antenucci

Hello everyone, it’s Wendy here today with a new spread for my pocket page album. I have completed six years and now am working on my seventh, but I needed a way to keep things simple so I could keep up!  Thanks to the beautiful Elle’s Studio monthly kits I am able to quickly catch up on past months with a formula that I use each month. I’m here to share it with you today!

Supplies | May 2019 Kit, Currently Journaling Tags, Days of the Week Phrase Stickers, Everyday Goodness Epoxy Stickers, Hand Drawn Acrylic Hearts, Large Wood Veneer Numbers, Large Months of the Year Wood Veneers, Beautiful Day 6 x 6 Paper Stack, Everyday Phrases Vol. 2 Stamp, The Good Life Stamp

Step 1 – Color:  I begin by printing out my pictures, which I do at home on my Canon TS8120. Thanks to the Collect App, I have already chosen the pictures and typed up a bit about each photo when it was fresh in my mind. Once I have my pictures for the month I then choose the tags and paper that best supports the theme of my pages. To make my two-page spreads unified, I am very careful to bring the colors I have chosen onto both pages. In my January pages I have a strong presence of blue/aqua, wood, and then multi-color which allows some additional freedom.

Step 2 – Title:  I love using the Large Months of the Year Wood Veneers as my title for each spread.  I used the 4″ x 6″ tag from the May 2019 Kit to house my wood veneer, and I added a pop of black with the Everyday Goodness Epoxy Sticker. With this being the first page of 2019, I also used the Large Wood Veneer Numbers to mark the new year.

Step 3 – Currently:  I love using the Currently Journaling Tags to add details about each month.  The Days of the Week Phrase Stickers allowed me to cover up entries that I didn’t need to record.  

Step 4 – Weekly:  I choose one of the journaling tags each month to write the highlights of each week of the month.  

To fill in some blank spaces in my pocket page spread and to add to the theme of this month, I used the Everyday Phrases Vol. 2 Stamp to fill in the little boxes on the colorful 4″ x 6″ piece of paper from the Beautiful Day 6 x 6 Paper Stack. I love that they fit in so well allowing perfect customization!

To continue the flow of blue from the title card I used the 3″ x 4″ blue rain tag, but to make it fit my theme better, I stamped “the good life” sentiment from the The Good Life Stamp on it, continuing the flow of colors between the pages.

Some fun pops of wood veneers, phrase stickers, and epoxy stickers add both color and texture to my pages giving my story all it needed for future generations.

Thanks so much for joining me today, I hope that you found some helpful insights into making your memory keeping a bit easier!

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