A Season Documented with Neela Nalam

Whether your child is an all-star MVP, or wins an award for sportsmanship, being a part of a team is an important part of their adolescence to record, and Neela Nalam is illustrating that beautifully in the new layout she’s sharing with us today. 
I consider journaling to be a very important aspect of every single project that I make. Whether a little or a lot, I always incorporate words telling a story or providing context for the photo in the spread. Elle’s Studio monthly kits and add-ons are just perfect for this. One of my favorite releases this month are the Go Team Products: Stamp, Journaling Tags and Wood Veneer. How perfect are these to get all those sports stories told! I have stories from so many different sports over so many different seasons between both of my boys—so many that I got overwhelmed. So, I thought that the best thing would be to start from the most recent story and then go back in time. I decided to tell the story of my younger son’s baseball season in the spring of this year.

Supplies | September 2018 Kit, Go Team Journaling Tags, Hazel Alphabet Stickers — White, Go Team Wood Veneer, Go Team Stamp
I wanted to document an overview of his season on this spread. I love the journaling tags included in the Go Team Journaling Tags and I wrote the story of his season on the “Game On” tag. I wanted to especially document that he won the sportsmanship award. This does not mean that he is the best player, but it means that he is there for his team and teammates all the time and I love it.

Another thing that I wanted to document was the fact that his team went all the way to finals of the championship and won! How amazing is the “Final Score” tag? It was perfect for documenting this.

I used the Go Team Stamp to add the phrases “teamwork,” “practice makes perfect,” and “good game” on the colorful dot journaling tag from the September 2018 Kit that I cut apart into strips.

I also cut apart the blue patterned 4″ x 6″ tag from the September Kit to use below the Go Team Wood Veneer baseball bat and ball. I also used a part of that same tag as a mat for the title, which I spelled out using the Hazel Alphabet Stickers.
I hope that my son will love seeing this spread and reading the story of his 2018 baseball season later in life. I know for a fact that I will love looking back at this story. Thanks so much for looking!

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