Getting Wordy with Jess Forster

If journaling on your scrapbooking and pocket page projects doesn’t come easy for you, you’re not alone! Today, design team member Jess Forster is with us to give us a few pointers about how we can allow the tags from the January Kit to prompt our documentation, and in turn, our writing. Let’s see what she created! 
It’s no secret that I am a fan of journaling! I am super wordy and proud of it. Today, I am going to show you two of Elle’s products that have inspired me to record my thoughts and feelings in this layout about my son Sam in the snow. Check it out!

Supplies | January 2018 Kit, Hugs and Kisses Puffy Stickers, Black Cardstock Alphabet Stickers, Letter and Number Stickers — Black,  Enamel Dots, Family Fun Bits and Pieces, Family Fun Puffy Stickers
What is great about Elle’s 3″ x 4″ tags, (besides everything!), is that you can find story prompts within their design. In this layout, I used two cards as jumping off point for this page. I love the script lettering used in the “My Favourite Things About You” filler card as well as the simple invitation to document the details in the “Here’s What Happened” journaling card, both from the January 2018 Kit.

Since I am a true simple scrapbooker at heart, I copied the phrase from Elle’s filler card and incorporated it as part of my opening sentence. Here I wrote a love letter to my son describing what I believe is his best character trait to date. Spoiler alert, I write a lot of love letters like these to my kids and I will never ever be sad that I copied, again and again, this style of writing.

In the journaling tag, I decided to record the little details of the day. Instead of stating the obvious, like the who, what, when, where and why’s that could be located in the photo, I thought about what the picture doesn’t capture. Here I documented part of my son’s reaction to the snow, as well as specific gestures and comments he said during our walk. Knowing that he is a specific age and stage, and most likely won’t be talking in 4 word sentences, I wanted to bring the photos to life. After closing my eyes and reliving the experience I was able to write some ideas down. A simple die cut from the January kit, a puffy heart from the Hugs and Kisses Puffy Stickers and an enamel dot finished off the tag.

Regardless if you like journaling or not, the journaling tags found in the monthly kit can help prompt us to write down our thoughts and feelings.It can be simple or complex – it’s important to just start!

Thanks for looking!