Holiday Album Wrap-Up With Jill Sprott

With the year almost coming to an end, its important that we document our holiday events from the past few weeks while the memories are still fresh in our mind. Today, Jill Sprott is with us to share her December album, and offer a few tips on how to finish off this important project in a simple and beautiful way! Let’s see what she’s created.
If we have learned any lessons from the Griswold family over the years when it comes to the holidays, one is that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously, and another is that we can reduce quite a bit of stress by embracing a spirit of “let it happen” (because it’s bound to happen anyway). This is the logic by which I approach holiday shopping, holiday gatherings, holiday gift-wrapping, and even holiday albums.

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The December Kit and extras from Elle’s Studio have been assisting me in creating pages that are born out of the moment instead of adhering to some grand design. Each has its own unique feel.

It doesn’t take much to add a little magic to each page — just a wood veneer piece here, a chipboard piece there, and some stitching for a bit of charm.

In my album, repurposed gift tags and cards keep company with Elle’s Studio Hello Winter Chipboard and Vellum Holiday Shapes. Before you trash anything this year, think about whether it might become treasure when added to your album.

Don’t forget to make room for journaling in your album, sharing your reflections and observations. The December Labels and small tags from the December 2017 Kit are perfect for adding these little notes in your album.

Among my overtly Christmas-themed pages, I also incorporate ones that document everyday life in December. Take a photo of your table, your desk, or your purse, and create a page or two that focuses on the details. It’s guaranteed to be symptomatic of where your head is at right now.

On this spread, I used the Light Gray Cardstock Alphabet Stickers to number the items on my desk in the photo, and matched the numbers with my journaling on the right side.

Including the everyday in my album means adding at least one page about December traffic (and making light of it instead of letting road rage prevail). As much as I hate traffic, I do get to witness a beautiful sunrise on my way to work each morning, and the “all is bright” wood veneer from the Winter Wood Veneer Words fit the page perfectly.

Happy Holidays!

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