An Everyday Summer Mini Album with Alissa Fast

Our design team is still being inspired by our Everyday Adventures Mini Album Class, and today Alissa Fast is with us to share her summer everyday adventure mini album!

Hello! I love mini albums! I love the feeling of accomplishment I get when I complete a mini album. It’s just so fun to flip through them time and time again and the texture. Let’s talk about the texture. My favorite mini albums are chunky and full of layers and embellishments. So much texture!

Using a coordinated kit of products to use makes it so much easier and so much faster. The Everyday Adventures Product Bundle was perfect for a mini album about my everyday adventures last summer.

I started with the bundle, a pile of shipping tags, a few leftover glassine bags I received with products in them from past kits, some stamping ink and a little ball chain I had on my desk, to hold it all together. I always start by piling up the page bases in the order I want them in and then immediately get started on my cover. I love layers and it’s my favorite way to add texture to my mini albums.

When creating this type of book, with the ring/closure at the top, I always flip the back side around so when you flip it up, it’s not upside down above the page on the bottom.

I start cutting papers and journaling tags to layer up under my photos and journal pages.


Don’t be afraid to stick embellishments on the photos. Chances are you can always reprint, if needed.

Everyday adventure photos are not always of people in your life. Don’t forget to document the things you love in your life every day.

Use lots of different fonts, including your own handwriting for a fun element.


Layer tabs and flags over your photos.





I always try to include something on the last page to wrap it up and date the day I made the mini album.

There you have it, my Everyday Adventure Summer Mini Album. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and will create your own using inspiration from the Everyday Adventures Mini Album Class, along with the Everyday Adventures Product Bundle!

Be sure to check out the Everyday Adventures Mini Album Class in either the class-only or class + stamp options. For easy one-click shopping, you can find the class supplies in a specially priced bundle, too! We know it will inspire you to create your next miniature sized album to document your everyday memories!

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