Workspace Wednesday with Jennifer Chapin

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday – today I am sharing a few storage kits for my Elle’s Studio monthly kits and stamps so let’s take a look!
jen-chapin-workspace-weds-(1)I am always on the lookout for little bins and trays when I’m out shopping. I am a person that does best with open storage, that way I can see what I have and I’m more likely to use it. I found these small white trays at the grocery store of all places, and they are perfect for holding 4×6 cards. I usually take the 3×4 and 4×6 cards out of my kit and place them in one of these trays before I start my projects.
jen-chapin-workspace-weds-(2)I also love little bowls that are perfect for holding smaller embellishments. These colored bowls are from Anthropologie and I have several different colors. These are great for holding the smaller elements in your kit, or wood veneer.
jen-chapin-workspace-weds-(3)Mason jars are also great. I like these little shallow jelly jars to hold embellishments like acrylic shapes, wood veneer, or clips. In this one, I organized some of my acrylic and wood veneer pieces.
jen-chapin-workspace-weds-(6)Now for stamps! Stamps are one of my favorite supplies, but I have found to really use them I need to have them out in the open and easily accessible. I take each clear stamp set out of the package and slip it into one of these clear pockets, being sure to label the top with the name of the stamp set.
jen-chapin-workspace-weds-(4)The tray that they are in is from Ikea, and it’s the perfect size to hold the stamps upright so I can flip through them to find what I need.jen-chapin-workspace-weds-(5)Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today! Have a great one!