Workspace Wednesday with Meghann Andrew

Hey there, it’s Meghann here, and today I’m sharing with you a little bit of my happy place, my creative space in our home.

My room has completely been a work in progress since we moved in two years ago. When looking at the house before we purchased, as soon as I saw the lovely light coming in from the huge window, I knew that this would be my creative space. (As well as a napping room for our Golden Retriever, Toby.)

I have two major areas in the room, my desk space, mainly for working on the computer, and my tall desk, which I use for scrapbooking while standing. This is also my space for photographing process videos, since I get great afternoon light from these windows.

Most of my product is stored on my Ikea Expedit shelving system, but I also use the sides as hanging space.

On the right side of my shelf, over my sewing table, I’ve created a hanging area for my Elle’s Studio alphas, my latest 6 exclusive kits, as well as the latest stamp sets and embellishments.

I love having these out and right in my line of vision, so that I will grab a kit whenever I’m looking for just the right tag to use on a project. Having this area just behind my standing desk is a game-changer for me.

I used 3M Command hooks with clear adhesive to hang my ES supplies. Each hook holds up to 1/2 pound. If I ever need to change up the spacing, they come off easily without damaging my shelf.

Next to my product wall sits my grandmother’s sewing table, which I currently use to hold “in progress” projects. On top of this, I have a desktop organizer (purchased from Target) in which I store the latest ES collection. The rest of my ES collections are stored in a Cropper Hopper paper storage bin on my shelving unit. At the moment, I’ve been using a lot of Thankful, but in the next month or so, I’ll be switching out to keep Joyful here. This is where I also store my Exclusive Kit Mini Course binder, with all of the previous courses to inspire me if I get stuck in my creative process.

This is my stamp cube in my Expedit shelving unit, where I store, in bins from Ikea, all of my photopolymer clear stamps. My Elle’s Studio stamps are stored in their own bin, so that I can easily flip through them when I’m looking for just the right element on my project.

It has definitely taken my years to get to this organizational level, and I’m constantly evolving my organization as my scrapbook process evolves. Thanks so much for joining me in my space today!