Workspace Wednesday with Toni From

Happy Workspace Wednesday! I (Toni From) hope you all are having a great week and enjoying summer. I am sharing a few glimpses into my studio space today with y’all and I hope you like it.

WorkspaceWednesday-ToniFrom10My room isn’t super big, it’s about 11 x 13 feet, but plenty big enough to be creative. It has huge windows covering a large portion of the left wall in this photo. The light is amazing, but it can also make it difficult to photograph this space. I should also mention that it is in our home’s “intended dining room.” We really aren’t that fancy, and didn’t need to use it as a dining room that gets walked by and never used, so I snagged it for myself. Luckily my Mister is totally okay with that. With the room being situated immediately to the left of our foyer, I try to keep it semi-picked up most of the time. This is how it generally looks unless I am working on a bigger project and then the entire white desk in the back is covered and overflowing in crafty goodness. I am an epically messy crafter in the middle of a project, but I am also a good picker upper. 🙂

WorkspaceWednesday-ToniFrom6The wall to the right of my room when you walk in has some picture ledge shelves from IKEA (of course.) I rotate different items onto the shelves and I just recently added these metal letters. They just jumped in my cart at Michael’s basically.

WorkspaceWednesday-ToniFrom3WorkspaceWednesday-ToniFrom5This is the back left corner of my space, and probably my favorite spot in my room. I keep all kinds of mixed media here, and I store adhesive, Project Life, and keep my Elle’s Studio monthly kits in the drawers. The August kit is super cute, you’ll just have to trust me on that one.

WorkspaceWednesday-ToniFrom2Items arranged in color order makes me ridiculously happy. Giddy in fact. Roy G Biv for the win!

WorkspaceWednesday-ToniFrom1To the right of the white drawers I keep three metal bins. I use one for various stamp blocks, one for 4×6 Project Life cards, and the last one is for my Elle’s Studio stamps.

WorkspaceWednesday-ToniFrom8I find that I use my Elle’s Studio stamps again and again (they are super versatile.) Keeping them out on my workspace ensures that I use them often.

WorkspaceWednesday-ToniFrom7I also have a thing for pens. And yes, they are arranged in rainbow order. I guess I need to buy more orange, yellow, and purple ones?

WorkspaceWednesday-ToniFrom4I also like to knit. I started last fall, and really love it. I haven’t knitting anything since March, but I started this project late last week. I have found knitting to be the perfect activity to do when you are watching tv with the family at night.

WorkspaceWednesday-ToniFrom9That brings us back to the room as a whole. The black table is a 3 x 4 foot island that was handmade by an older gentlemen in our small town. It was made from reclaimed pine that was burned and then sealed. I love it. It is insanely heavy, but a fun addition. I stand up and work on a lot of my projects, so it has come in super handy.

I hope you liked visiting my space today and maybe got some ideas for your own space (big or small) in the process. Have a great week! -Toni