Challenge: 3 x 4 inch tags on a layout by Jill Sprott

So-Not-Awesome-ES-Jill-blogFor me, “Elle’s Studio” is synonymous with tags. Each collection as well as the monthly kits feature so many different tags, all of which can be used in so many different ways. The 3 x 4 tags are among my favorites, as I often use that size for photos on layouts.

This page, which is about a recent visit to the Jaws set at Universal Studios, includes three 3 x 4 tags, layered over and under three similarly-sized photos. One of the photos included two darkened heads of strangers who were on the ride with us. No problem: I simply covered them up with a tag.

So-Not-Awesome-det-1-blogThat tag is a calendar card from the Hello 2015 collection. If you’ve been hoarding these like I’ve been, now’s the time to use them! I circled the date, and layered two smaller journaling strips over the remaining space. This part of the journaling looks back at how I once regarded the Jaws exhibit as a kid.

So-Not-Awesome-Det-2-blogThe journaling at the bottom of the page focuses on my most recent experience, which was a let-down. The 3 x 4 tag that I selected is, appropriately, a watercolor-background tag from the July Elle’s Studio kit. The sentiment on it does not really apply to an encounter with a man-eating shark (“Every moment with you matters” — well, maybe it does apply), so I covered it with another tag. The sentiment “oh my goodness” seemed relevant, and also pretty funny to me, since the lack of an exclamation point helps to convey just how underwhelmed I was.

So-Not-Awesome-det-3-blogThe star of the page (aside from the fakey shark) is a 3 x 4 tag (the backside of another Hello 2015 calendar card), to which I added the word “not” to the sentiment with the teal letter stickers.

All in all, visiting an attraction I once loved as a kid may not have lived up to my expectations, but working with these tags to scrapbook that experience actually made it pretty entertaining!