Product Spotlight : Sycamore Lane


Sycamore Lane is already proving to be a huge hit and can be found in both online stores as well as your Local Scrapbook Store! It will also be available in our shop this coming Wednesday, September 24th!!!

I can’t get enough of the patterns in this collection! It’s so hard to choose whether to use the A or B side of each sheet! meganklauerphotography-2698-copy

I created this layout to show how to intermix those patterns in a fun and playful way. Cut it, Layer it, Stamp on it, Punch it, Tear it, Sew it … pattern paper is such an amazing & versatile product!meganklauerphotography-2701-copymeganklauerphotography-2702-copymeganklauerphotography-2703-copymeganklauerphotography-2704-copymeganklauerphotography-2706-copymeganklauerphotography-2707-copymeganklauerphotography-2708-copymeganklauerphotography-2709-copymeganklauerphotography-2710-copy

Have you gotten your hands on the new Sycamore Lane collection yet? If not, come back to the SHOP this Wednesday and get  yours on order! You’ll love every bit!