Capture Life :: Lens Flare

Shooting your subjects around dusk or shortly after dawn can yield beautifully back lit images that are highlighted with stunning lens flare. (That’s not to say this is the only time of day this look can be achieved because as long as the sun isn’t directly above you, you can get the flare results.)
I simply prefer to shoot at these times because I love the golden light it gives me.

IMG_0933Lens flare is when light enters the lens and hits the digital sensor. Where the lens flare falls on your image depends on where you stand in relation to the sun as you take the photo. The above shot places the sun just peaking over the roof of the barn and coming more straight at my lens, while the below image is moved to the side a bit thus resulting in flare to the left of the image.

IMG_0921Getting down low and allowing the sun to peak over top of your subject or just slighting to one side is something fun to play with. The results are unique and beautiful!

IMG_0906 IMG_8817 two-vertical-imagesDo you have the love for lens flare like I do? I’d love to see some of your shots pop up in our member gallery today!


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