Capture Life – Faceless Photos

Faceless Photos – Let’s have a challenge
While shooting a recent High School Senior session, I had a request from the client for a shot of him looking onto the football field. He wanted to capture the memory of dedicating his Senior football season to a few special angels; one of which whom they just laid to rest that very day.
It got me thinking about how many of our photos we have that may not show someone’s face, but still holds incredible memories.
From that came the idea for a “faceless photo” challenge. 
Find or capture a “faceless photo” and record the memories that come along with it.
I went through a few recent photos and found a couple more examples to share.
This photo captures a day trip to the lake over Summer break. It’s captures how little Ella is, yet how long her legs are getting. The sand toys she got as a birthday gift are finally get some good use! It reminds me of a fun & relaxing day with my kids. It reminds me how lucky I am to get to be a SAHM. 
This was the moment the boys were playing “cowboys” in the yard. The moment Chase was over having his picture taken. The moment he turned and decided to rope me instead. The moment he laughed so hard it snapped him out of his crabby mood.

This was another client photo. I wanted to capture the back of her special shirt, but I also wanted to capture the way she was just getting the hang of walking & how we laughed at her cute little waddle. I strive to capture these memories for my clients as well as my own family.
This photo was taken at our family Fourth of July picnic. All of the little ones would line up at the top of the hill, count to three, and then see who could get to the bottom first. Oh, the giggles!
It also shows how awful the bugs were this year. LOL! While I could have removed them in Photoshop, I chose not to. It was part of the Summer memory & I wanted it to remain that way. 
Now, let’s get those photos on a page & our memories recorded!

I used a combination of the new Penelope Collection (coming soon!) along with the August Tag Kit.

Here’s another look into that fantastic August Kit!

I hope you are inspired to take a photo that sparks a memory in a whole new way. 
Now go on – get out and Capture Life!