Inspiration Gallery Sneak Peek!

We have a sneak peek of our Inspiration Gallery for you today!!Don’t they look amazing?! I can’t wait for the full reveal tomorrow!! When I was putting the galleries together I just keep saying, WOW!!!!

And, this little guy has been keeping us busy! My sister’s baby is now three weeks old and he is such a doll! Seriously, he only cries if he’s hungry and doesn’t mind having his photo taken!
The other day she brought him over with this little bear hat on! Love him!!

And my little one has been so good with him! I feel so blessed 🙂 She has taken on more of a “protector” roll with him and just watches him while he’s sleeping, if he cries she looks around like “someone, help him!”
It’s been the best three weeks, ever! Thank you all, so much, too for the extra order processing time during these last three weeks – you’ve all been so sweet and understanding!! We’ve decided to add back one more day, so we are shipping Monday’s and Thursdays now 🙂

Lot’s of fun in store for this week!
xo, Elle