Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day weekend 🙂 We hope everyone has a blast with their plans! We always get together with a family BBQ (this year it’s at my house!!) and this weekend is also my sisters birthday, so we get to celebrate that, too!

If you’re looking for a quick and easy, but pretty decoration for your party, we’ve got the perfect digital download for you! And, since it is a digital download, the delivery is instant! The banner comes with two sayings: “Let Freedom Ring” and “Happy 4th of July” – so if you download it now, you can use it for two parties 🙂 And, then the goodie bags are perfect for filling up with candy or cookies. Print only as many as you need and choose from 5 different designs! Both the banner and goodie bags are pictured above.

I’m making the “Let Freedom Ring” for our BBQ, and then I’m filling the goodie bags with popcorn for the kids 🙂 Can’t wait!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone and happy birthday, sis!!
xoxox, Elle