Designer Spotlight: Samantha Sibbet

Hi, my name is Samantha Sibbet and I live in San Diego, Ca. I grew up in Santa Barbara County and after attending San Diego State University, I decided to stay (my husband will never leave). I taught kindergarten in the inner city for 8 years and taught a few semesters at a small college. I am currently on a long leave of absence so that I can stay at home with my lovely little girls.
I will be celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary in just 3 weeks! Wow, 10 years already! I love being married and being a mom is way better than I could have ever imagined.

What is your favorite color combo?
I can not get enough of aqua, red and pink. I recently painted my bathroom aqua and I am now considering it for my kitchen table…wouldn’t that be pretty with red roses!

What is your favorite scrapbooking supply?
Oh, I think all of the patterned papers are so irresistible. Just when you think you have seen the most fabulous paper ever, another comes along and I am in awe all over again! I can’t live without Beacon’s 3 in 1 craft glue, my paper piercer, Art Institute Designer Dries Clear glitter glue and my Martha Stewart crystal fine glitter.Why do you scrapbook and how did you get started?
I was a card maker first, I only made cards for about 5 years. I started scrapbooking so that I could do something with all my photos instead of throwing them in a box in the closet. I was drawn to the the pretty patterned papers of course. I was a simple scrapper, flat pages, always 3 or more photos per page until 14 months ago…I discovered scrapbooking blogs and inspiration on the internet, oh my!

Who inspires you?
When it comes to crafting and making pretty things, I have found some amazingly strong and inspirational people on the internet to draw my inspiration from. Lisa Leonard, Stephanie Howell and my friend Katie Watson are just three of my favorites. Each create from their heart and encourage others to be incredible!
Do you record every moment or just special ones?
Well, to be totally honest, I record the moments that I have great pictures of! If the the photos are everyday photos of my daughters, I will use the pictures as an opportunity to journal something that I have had in heart and I want my daughters to know or tell a story about them that I never want to forget.

What is your favorite thing about scrapbooking?
I have always been a girl that loves beautiful paper. I was a hoarder of good stationary forever. As a little girl I loved collecting stickers and as I got a little older I enjoyed making collages on text book covers and notebooks. It was the scrapper inside of me! I love playing with paper and all of the pretty accouterments that come along with this hobby. I know that writing my feelings down about my children will mean so much to them and me in the future. I think I forget the details to stories quite quickly, so getting them recorded is important.

I have met the most talented and amazing women through scrapbooking. I have new friendships that are so dear to me thanks to this hobby.

Thanks so much for sharing with us today, Samantha! It was great getting to know you more and we feel blessed to have you apart of our Design Team!