Summer 2009 • Documented – page two + three

We are ready for page two! A couple things before we start – some people were wondering what the size of our mini and photos are. The mini (a Chatterbox Wood Veneer Album) is 7 x 6 inches. For our pictures, I print them out at varying sizes. I’ve been known to use 3 x 2, 3 x 5, 4 x 6 and 5 x 7. I print all my photos at home when I’m ready to use them. The only reason I do this is because I never know what size I want to use, so I’m usually printing them at the last minute!

Also, winners!! from our last summer post are:
Christine on July 13, 2009 6:25 PM
Alison on July 14, 2009 8:29 AM

Congrats, ladies! Email us your postal address and we’ll get your goodies out asap!

HUGE thank you to everyone who left a comment, we love them sooo much!! It was so fun to read what everyone’s favorite part of summer is! Spending time with family was one that was mentioned a lot and I have to agree, that is my favorite part, too!

Should we get started? For page two, we are going to scrap about The Farm Chick Show we were at in June. This layout and idea would work great for any event, show or place you go to this summer. And, we are going to tackle a two page spread in a mini! I know some people, including me, worry about the layout carrying over from left to right and looking like one layout, two pages that belong together. The space in the middle that the binding creates is hard to work around, but we have found a solution and will share it in a couple steps below 🙂

But first, we have to get our pages ready. When working on a mini, one thing I find frustrating is there is always something behind the page what you’re working on. The first page of our mini is behind page two and it has a ton of embellishments on it making it very thick.
Instead of trying to work on this uneven surface, we trace the page and cut out the shape on the scrapbooking paper we are going to use for the background. Once we completely finish the page we will glue the two pages together!
We are using a piece of paper from our Slice paper pad from Making Memories. After you have traced and cut out your page, make sure you mark or punch where your holes will be!
Now, for our simple solution on doing a full page spread in a mini… You’ll want to use a piece of the paper you used for the left hand page background on your right hand pages left side (that got a little confusing!). Even if it’s just a tiny strip! This helps your eye carry over from left to right and makes a smooth transition between the two pages!
We used our fingernail to junk the edges up… worked perfect!!
Now, for the left page!
Using a piece of ribbon and a Jenni Bowlin button (which we are in love with!!) we made a little holder for our vendor map and badge! We used our Cut Outs for the label. You could write on, use a typewriter or use stickers like we did for the title.You’ll have to figure out where the items fit in order glue the ribbon down perfectly so it will hold your items tightly. We used a hot glue gun to get an instant hold for everything – the ribbon, button and label.
Added some stickers for the pages title and the left side is done! I love how it contains items from the event and am excited to think about pulling them out in ten years and the memories that will come with it!

For the right side, I picked out one main photo from the show and cut it out with a white border. I love the look of white borders on photos! It helps them pop off the page and has the perfect contrast against the patterned papers.We are using another Cut Out label and stamping the dates of the show we went to on it!
We used a Picnic Flashcard as a journaling tag. These flashcards are fun to journal on, it adds the perfect vintage touch! Also, we junked up the edges of the Cut Out tag with our fingernail again. I love how it makes it look old, and like it holds so much history!
And, we added a button/embellishment border. We used the glue gun on this one, too. We also used another Jenni Bowlin button. Using the same embellishment on both pages also helps tie the two together.Some more close-ups:
Our first 2 page spread is complete! We had so much fun creating that spread! And… don’t forget, you could use this technique on any event. You could put movie tickets, napkins, coasters, advertisement flyer’s, take home restaurant menus, ice cream cone holders, etc. in your holder. Also, just a reminder that the tags we used today are available together in the Summer Pack at a special price for July only!

Next time you’re going somewhere, take a look at your surroundings. What would work in your summer mini? What would be something fun to save to represent the event? You never know what you’re going to find!!

Our next installment will be late next week. In the meantime, start thinking about all the funny things that have happened this summer that you don’t have a photo for 🙂

Hope everyone has a wonderful and creative weekend!
xo, Elle

p.s. We are participating in a giveaway at Ali’s blog today! Head over there to enter 🙂