Retailer of the Month – Brunsons Papper & Scrapbooks!

Brunsons Papper & Scrapbooks is a cute little pink scrapbooking shop in Halmstad (Sweden) and it’s owned by me. Sara and I run the shop with my great friend and co-worker Sanna. The shop opened in August 2005 by a girl, Asa, and it was the first real physical scrapbooking shop in Halmstad. I’ve always, since I was little, loved to do my own cards and send them to my family and friends so I started off with teaching classes in cardmaking in the shop in March 200. I loved every minute of it. Now I have classes in both cardmaking and scrapbooking. Since the summer of 2006 I have worked part-time in the shop. In September 2008 Asa decided to sell the shop and it was a matter of course for me to take over Brunsons. I have put together a design team of 11 scrapbookers and cardmakers. They are a great importance to the shop and they inspire our customers and have made the shop what it is today! Without Sanna and my great designteam it would have been hard for me to carry on with Brunsons. I’m so happy to have them by my side!

We offer a wide selection of products for your paper crafts and we’re always looking around for new brands that are not so usual in Sweden, the shop. Elle´s journaling cards are one product that is very popular with our customers and they also fit well into the shops image! We also like to find out new things to do in the shop for our customers.

Our classes in cardmaking and scrapbooking are an important part of Brunsons. The newest thing now is that we can come home to our customers and have classes. Our customers have the opportunity to personally create classes which we teach in the comfortableness of their homes.

The shop is located in Halmstad city in a charming house called ‘Fattighuset’. Our address is Brunsons Papper & Scrapbooks, Bankgatan 5, S-302 43 Halmstad, Sweden.Visit us on the internet at

For the entire month of June we will be offering 10% off all Elle’s Studio products! Make sure you stop by and check it out! Plus, our design team will be working with Elle’s tags all month long, check out their designs on our blog!

Brunsons philosophy is ‘Do something creative today’ ♥

Welcome to us and our little pink shop!

Sara & Sanna


Every month we will be highlighting one of our retailers who has a store special just for you! We feel honored to be able to support our retails and encourage you to check them out!

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