Q & A with Caroline Rondel!

We have the answers to some of the questions you asked Caroline here. You guys had great questions, it was fun reading them all and I also enjoyed reading the answers! Also, the layouts some of you created off Caroline’s sketch are awesome! If you haven’t checked them out make sure you check out the links people left in the comment section here.

We had Caroline pick seven questions to answer and they were:
Michelle (from Ky):
Q:I have kind of a random question. Living in France, are there many supply stores like in the United States, or do you have to shop mostly online? Is there a magazine like Creating Keepsakes in France?
A: In France we have a great choice to buy supplies, but actually it is mostly online as you said. A lot of French online scrapbook stores developed these last years, and we find everything we want just like in the USA. Talking about magazines, we have around 5 scrapbook magazines, and EA is one of my favorites, (even if there only 3 issues today) it is modern and talks about scrapbooking but also mixed media and photography, which is quite rare! I’ve never read Creating Keepsakes but I know it’s a big thing and I wish EA to follow the same path!

Q: Caroline, you obviously have a very art inspired style. That being the case, I am curious to know what drives you to create. I would like to know what inspires you, but also what excites you and gets you creating? Why do you do it?
A: Thank you ! Actually the main reason I scrapbook is not to « keep memories » but simply to make art, at least I’m trying. And if it can include photos, why not ? That’s why most of my scrapbook pages are not about special events or family, and I often start from a photo that I like and I want to create a world around. I’m very inspired by other artwork I see on the internet. I’ve always wanted to do something artsy but I can’t draw or do « academic » art, so I’m glad I have found my way with scrapbooking and mixed media !

Q: I was wondering about your process of designing a sketch like the one above….do you design a sketch based on the photos you want to use, or visa versa, design the sketch first and then find photos that you think will work well with the sketch? Thanks!
A: None of the 2! I never make sketches for myself, I sometimes do for a sketch blog design team I’m in (Scrapidées), so when I need to make a sketch, I first do the page and make the sketch afterwards! When I start a page, I don’t necessarily know how it is going to be at the end.

Sandrine Deleuze:
Q: Dear Caroline (Chère Caroline), I noticed that as far as I know you that you adore to use “secondhand” products to give them a second life in your creations. Don’t you think scrapbooking (and mixed media) is changing. It is becoming more eco-friendly, green and scrappers try to become eco-designers (éco-conception – in french) I mean : use old things that wouldn’t become waste and “transform” them to become perfect embellishments ! When I see your creations I am happy to see that we can create and by the same way also we can protect environment! Wouldn’t you love to create a site/blog or book to share and provide
all these ? Thank you soooo much!! Smooches from Belgium 😉
A: Yes recycling is a concept that is the core of mixed media, at least for me, and when scrapbooking becomes inspired by mixed media art, it is also following this path! I think it’s good, for ecologic reasons and artistic reasons! It is always interesting to see unusual uses of found objects! Concerning the project of creating a site dedicated to it, it would be interesting but I’m afraid that personally I won’t have enough time to make it right unfortunately.

Q: Thanks for the fun sketch! Caroline, the work on your blog is amazing, adding you to my favs! I especially love the pregnancy-album, so my question is about that one actually, did you make it during your pregnancy step by step, or did you make that afterwards and add journaling afterwards? (I can’t read French 🙂
A: I am entering the 7th month of my pregnancy, so the baby is not born yet! I am trying to be up to date with that album and fill it with a page every month. For the moment I’m doing it regularly!

Q: I love the different layers and textures that you use. Where do you keep all of your embellishments? How do you organize them?
A: I am not at all organized, except for ribbons, I store them in separate little plastic bags that I attach to a ring, so it is easy to see all of them and choose by color! I do the same with metal embellishments and very little things because I used to have everything mixed in drawers before and I didn’t have them in my sight, so I didn’t use them. My fabrics are simply stored in a box.

Q: What is your favorite Elles Studio product? 😀
A: I have many actually! But I love the numbers and the note circles especially, because you can use them in any occasion!

And, we have one winner to annouce from that same post, those who left a question for Caroline or a link to a layout they made off of the sketch were entered into the drawing and the name that was randomly choosen was……… Katelyn Lockhart!

Congrats, Katelyn! You have won a $20 gift certificate to our store, please email me for details!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated – that was a lot of fun to do! Tomorrow I’ll be sharing two scrapbooking creations I was able to make over the weekend, it was lots of fun!

XO, Elle