20 years later…

I’m a terribly slow scrapbooker! I put things on, take them off, change the colors, mix and match, pull off again, put back on again, back and forth! I just get so nervous, I mean, what if you get it all done, stand back and realize you don’t like it! YIKES!! I made this layout today, I’m still not sure if I’m in love with it… but I do love the colors, just not sure if it could of came together a bit better 🙂 This layout is about my baby blanket, which I still have and use! (scary, I know…) Well, now my baby is always laying on it, every chance she gets! And it is just so cute, so I had to scrap it. I know, I should hand it down, I should give it to her… But not yet, I’m just not ready. For now, we will share it!!!

BTW: Elle’s Studio is sponsoring the effer #3 over at scrapjacked! Layouts are due, over there, by Wednesday. Good luck everyone!!