happy father’s day!

I have the best dad in the world! Lemon is his favorite flavor (along with blueberry! What is it with dad’s and strange combinations?!) so I made him a lemon cake, with lemon cool whip frosting (the best frosting in the world!) and topped it with lemon zest and a mint leaf. I’m not sure if mint goes with it, but in my head I thought it would be great presentation. I don’t think it turned out quite as good as it looked “in my head” but I’m still pretty happy with it and can’t wait to take a bite!!

On another note, I’ve been checking out tons of scrapbookers blogs and it has totally given me soooo much inspiration! I have to get back into scrapbooking again! I’ve been on a scrapbooking break for about 3 months now and I miss it!! It’s very hard to find time, but now I’m just going to make time to do it 🙂